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No Kill's campaign of lies, hate and deception

As Nathan Winograd prepares to kick off his "No Kill is Love" tour later this summer its time for then rescue advocacy community to open its eyes to many of Nathan's "partners" who are deeply involved in a campaign aimed at attacking anyone who dares question the authenticity of a movement rift with fraud and animal suffering.

This blog has become to focal point for an attack lead by No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day that people who seriously love animals must open their eyes too.  Included in this organized attack are the creation of several fake twitter accounts which were used last summer to threaten, slander and defame this writer into silence by targeting the senior hounds living in my Georgia "no kill sanctuary" to force this silence.

One of those fake twitter accounts was a person who went by the name "The Idiot Whisperer". 
It is my assumption based on other claims from No Kill Nation's leader that she was willing to "pay for information" on her "haters" that person is what is referred to in cyberspace as a cyber thug that carries out an attack leaving the person who organized the attack with "clean hands". 

This picture was hijacked off my Facebook page.  This tweet was posted in the late hours of June 13th 2013.  There is nothing humorous about making jokes about dogs who have been rescued from kill shelters.  Obviously this person is an idiot or he would have thought far enough ahead to be able to explain how these "corpses" he is accusing me of killing came "back alive".  What does this have to do with "no kill"?

This is a second picture of alleged "corpses" caused by hoarding posted about an hour later on twitter as well.  As you will see this attack crosses way over a line of common decency and boundaries that are acceptable in any advocacy movement.  This is slander, this is pure hate and its pure character assassination - with everything leading to the board room of an organization known as No Kill Nation.

Some of the comments including in the "conversation" are equally disgusting.  These tweets were set up with this tweet coming from Debi Day's twitter account @seeside with this tweet.

I'm not sure what No Kill Nation's leader finds disgusting in a picture that includes an eighteen year old senior Belle who was rescued eight years ago from a local kill shelter, a ten year old beagle dumped in our driveway or our American bull dog but most animal lovers would never make such comments about someone else's dogs.  What is telling is the copy list @seeside used to "share" this tweet. 

This is part of No Kill Nation's "team" assigned to post highly insulting and defamatory statements directed at me.  How this type of organized attack fits into the "No Kill Equation" is anyone's guess.
No Kill Nation's attack team includes Marilyn Reese @plantfhreak , Teri Fulks (Dyer) @TKFulks , Camille Loge (@Clo1117 and a new addition who goes by the name of Idiot Whisperer.
So what positive information do these cyber thugs have to offer that might lead a community towards "no kill"?  You be the judge.

Since he started out posting pictures of dogs he claimed were dead this was a natural follow up tweet.  No Kill Nation has stepped over a line now accusing me of killing fifteen of the old hounds (many of whom were personal dogs) living in our sanctuary.  The truth tells a far different story with ALL of these passing's being old age issues.

So, what expertise does the Idiot Whisperer bring to the no kill discussion that would enable him to make these less than intelligent claims?  Again in his own words.

Admittedly, like No Kill Nation, this guy is clueless on rescue but he is an expert on the politics.  Is he a paid cyber thug?  It certainly has the appearance of being a paid contract cyber hit.

What direction will this attack take - armed only with ignorance the Idiot Whisperer starts down a path of filing false neglect and abuse allegations with any agency that would listen.

Note a new addition to the team - none other than Maria Venuto aka Lucy Van Pelt.  Complaints were fled with GA Dept of Agriculture and our local shelter Gwinnett Animal Control.

No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day brought in the Idiot Whisperer for a reason - this is where her efforts to have my hounds seized and the no kill sanctuary that had saved hundreds of hounds over the last dozen years CLOSED DOWN.  Problem is - I am NOT a rescue group therefore I am not required to be licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

On June 22nd 2013 No Kill Nation's leader is clearly aware and responsible for false allegations being filed with the Georgia department of Agriculture hoping to close down our senior sanctuary for hounds and send those dogs to the nearest kill shelter.

I run a privately funded sanctuary for senior hounds that are all "owned" personally.  I am only required to comply with Gwinnett County animal ordinances with which I have a flawless record on care and compliance issues.  If No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day had a clue what the laws were she would have realized her ignorance.  The real unanswered question is WHERE in No Kill Nation's mission statement does it call for the leadership to bring in outside thugs to distort and lie about conditions in a sanctuary resulting in placing many of those dogs in grave danger.

Who does that anyway?  So what were the allegations being levied by a person who admittedly knows nothing about rescue?  It should disgust you to know.

It is disgusting to think that No Kill Nation would even stoop so low to enter into such an ignorant discussion about senior dogs who have closed out there lives at our sanctuary, especially in lieu of all the seniors that No Kill Nation allows to die in south Florida shelters all the time. 

No Kill Nation admittedly DOESN'T do rescue - I do.  Even more insulting is the fact that several of those fifteen dogs misrepresented by this tweet were personal dogs who had died of OLD AGE issues. 

For an advocacy group to make such ignorant comments with participation and direction coming from its totally clueless President speaks VOLUMES as to why Debi Day is not qualified to lead an A.A. meeting let alone a fraudulent advocacy group with a mission statement beholden to irresponsible breeders.

Yet, the comments get worse - this gets personal and it gets disgusting.

As of last June while No Kill Nation could not clearly show any programs that might save lives or help communities reform their shelters what they did have in place was a number of Debi Day's followers who were part of a team assigned to stalk every word I posted on Facebook. 

In this mischaracterization a foster beagle named Juju developed a prolapsed rectum which required surgery to repair.  I leave the rest to your imagination.  Ask yourself where THOSE comments fit into any discussion on "no kill"?  You will also see how ALL of these comments were directed towards my twitter account. 

Yet, when I answered some of these nonsensical tweets with return responses Debi Day's attorney filed a motion claiming I was in violation of a "no contact" order the court granted without allowing me to participate in that hearing.  That is NOT due process - its a kangaroo court.

I won't even respond to this ignorance.  Hundreds of beagles and bassets who have used our sanctuary as a safe haven would think differently.  Obviously No Kill Nation and the "no kill" movement it claims to represent places very little value in rescuing seniors in even participating in this type of ignorant and ill informed discussion.

Death camps are "sanctuaries like Spindletop Refuge or Caboodle Ranch - where dogs and cats clearly died from abusive conditions.  Strange that No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day would defend both of those sanctuaries while trying to close down a sanctuary with a flawless history of providing much needed services for special needs senior hounds.

Not satisfied with an ignorant attack directed at our hounds the discussion gets way too personal.

Expecting a sixty year old man suffering from severe crohn's disease that has left him walking with crutches at the time to replace an old carpet shows a lack of understanding and compassion for the disabled.  We'll ignore the fact that Debi Day has NEVER complained about the fact that many of the Spindletop Refuge pit bulls she defends lived in small cages for months eating and sleeping in their own waste and drinking their own urine to survive.  Many didn't survive. 

Where is the outrage over THOSE conditions?  In future blogs we will discuss No Kill nation's investment in a boarding kennel called the Dog House in Pompano with a history of squalor like conditions where Debi can dump dogs "saved" from local kill shelters. 

Now that's mature. 

Making jokes about a person's health issues is extremely classless and in pour taste.  Wishing someone to die is beyond classless.  As you will see Debi Day "retweeted" that info therefore taking ownership as well.

A conversation with an eight year old - how classic.

Yet, another "eight year old" thanks the Idiot for his support?  Note how even though she clearly sets all this up and participates through twitter comments of her own Debi still tries to play the victim.  Debi thinks every one is as stupid as she is and can't see though her childish games.

No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day didn't simply use one cyber thug to harass, slander and attack both me personally and the no kill sanctuary that I manage but as evidence will show used several "team players" to commit these egregious acts.  All of the players in this facade worked from the same play book - repeating the same lies and dishonest dialect as part of a larger scheme committing "character assassination".

Those who participated in this attack which started as far back as the fall of 2012 include the infamous Maria Venuto (who masquerades as the comic book creature "Lucy Van Pelt"), Camille Loge (who runs a Facebook rescue page called Camille's Rescue), Marilyn Reese (a Winograd groupie who lives in California), Teri Dyer (founder of a Facebook group called No Kill Brevard and No Kill Nation's board member Kathy Santomero.

Also involved in an  ongoing attack are several members of an ANONYMOUS hacker group which NKN's President routinely incited using false allegations as well.  All of this can be proven, has been shared with the U.S. Attorney's office in Atlanta and now will be shared on this blog.

Is this what the No Kill MOVEMENT has morphed into?   It should be absolutely disgusting to ANY dog lover that a group whose mission statement is to save lives instead focuses its assets gained through YOUR donations and its efforts attacking anyone who dares question or oppose that vision.

Is THIS really the intelligent conversation needed to reform our nation's sheltering system or would you call this type of behavior "childish behavior unbecoming of anyone claiming a leadership role in a movement that she is clearly not qualified to handle and in fact has no prior experience on her resume to suggest any previous success in those advocacy efforts.

No Kill Nation's Debi Day is a bored socialite with enough money that she THINKS she can BUY this fame, power and glory - it simply does NOT work that way in real life.

How does Debi Day's involvement work towards her goal of destroying my reputation and legacy in the rescue community?  What Debi does is employ cyber thugs to post false information which she simply "re tweets" to her 1,000 or so followers on twitter as if this information SHE PLANTS is indeed fact.  Amongst the slanderous rumors she has participated in spreading are that I am a hoarder, convicted felon, drug dealer, violent towards woman, kill my dogs through neglect and that "I" am the mentally insane stalker in this case.

The fact is my involvement in this case has ALWAYS been limited to seeking the TRUTH on what No Kill Nation and Debi Day did with the over $100,000 they collected in the fall of 2011 for No Kill Nation's Everglades Project - nothing more - nothing less.

Despite claims to the contrary the court case itself NEVER heard any witnesses, never held any hearings were evidence of slander was introduced nor were there any rulings on facts related to the alleged defamatory issues.  I simply defaulted on a court case rather than spend thousands of dollars in legal fees that would be better spent maintaining our sanctuary. 

In other words, I chose to spend my resources and time SAVING senior hounds while No Kill Nation obviously invests most of its efforts and money on lawsuits trying to close down rescues like mine and send the dogs BACK to local kill shelters.  How is that part of any NO KILL EQUATION?

 I started this blog with three pictures that were hijacked off my Facebook page to create a drama situation that did not exist.  Here is THAT picture again.  Where does this type of infantile behavior fit into a no kill movement that has failed miserably?  This is totally OVER the line of common decency and honest behavior we expect from those claiming a leadership role in any advocacy effort.  You don't see animal protection groups like HSUS, the ASPCA, Best Friends or PeTa employ these dishonest tactics so how is "no kill" any better?

The senior hounds in this picture ALL survived a stay at a kill shelter.  Debi Day was NOT there to rescue them when they faced death then and her behavior now that threatens their safety is repulsive.  All of these dogs are innocent creatures who have names, are happy on their new home and in fact love me as their caretaker.  It should disgust ANY animal lover to see them involved in No Kill Nation's little scheme.

This comment is nothing more than a threat that Debi shares with complete strangers in the hopes someone will act on it.  It's offensive - its criminal this type of behavior has NO PLACE in any social movement PERIOD.  Targeting a senior citizen with a disability with false attacks like this is the real act of cowardice - Debi should be ashamed - SHE IS the freak show.

Haven't WE had enough of a movement so childish that the only real suffering from this type of behavior is ultimately the shelter dogs and cats who continue to die because "No Kill" message is so far off track.  No Kill isn't about saving lives - its about greed, power and people more concerned about their own misplaced egos - the animals are irrelevant.  That is sad.

"Good night my friend?"  I rest my case.  Debi can stand by her beliefs that honesty is NOT important nor are the lives of dogs she is willing to kill by sending them back to a shelter. 

In the coming weeks I will share the rest of the story which sadly doesn't get any better.  Last Monday No Kill nation's leader organized another attack on our sanctuary which included having four people call in false reports of abuse and neglect to the Gwinnett Animal Control in the hopes that all twenty nine of the dogs who reside here would be impounded.  That story will disgust you even more.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who in the world is Lucy Van Pelt?

In a complaint filed in a New York state court, PETA said the unknown commenters posted their statements under various usernames, including "Lucy Van Pelt," "Eyema Nurde" and "ambersommerville." The group wants The Huffington Post to turn over the users’ addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, Internet service provider access records, account histories and user activity records.

Throughout history social movements have lead to the maturation of the country. A social movement thrives on the ability of a progressive community to capitalize on political opportunities and translates into social change. Philanthropic acts of financial giving, volunteer activity and a shared association of values is the vehicle that drives this change.

Smart, honest, committed leaders are invaluable to a movement, especially as the movement seeks to create new leaders to keep the movement rolling. Of utmost importance are charismatic leaders who can eloquently articulate people's concerns and inspire a positive emotional response.

Social movements face an uphill battle simply surviving. To achieve substantial and sustainable political change the movement requires honesty within its ranks. The no kill movement faces a myriad of challenges that focus on engaging the movement with a vision that all can agree on and effective tactics for bringing about that change.

However, organizations like No Kill Nation with leaders that are weak on tactical thinking, who have trouble focusing and researching a movement’s success and that attack those inside the movement who offer dissenting opinions is doomed for failure.

Some organizations fail simply because they engage in dishonest, disrupted or violent or abusive action in dealing with anticipated dissent. While on the surface this type of behavior attracts attention it also tends to alienate supporters who are not interested in a lack of honest transparency or the drama the attention also includes.

Further, new supporters who are attracted to the drama and personal agenda's further drive away the critical support that comes from more moderate or conservative supporters. 

This is why understanding who Lucy Van Pelt is critical to the survival of a shelter reform movement that deems itself "no kill".  So, who is this "Lucy Van Pelt?  Why not let Lucy tell us?

Lovely "Lucy" has become quite infamous posting hostile often times vile comments on many publications including her favorite the Huffington Post - as Huff Po as it is eloquently called.  The vile nature and "out of the blue" content she posts has many viewing Lucy as nothing more than a "serial stalker" relentless in attacking her prey.

My first encounter with Lucy was after seeing a post she had written on one of the No Kill Facebook pages.  Since some people may over react with first impressions I tried having a conversation with Lucy hoping to set her mind at ease.  She declined that offer and instead launched what can only be described as a vicious attack on someone who admittedly she did not know.

So, who is Lucy Van Pelt?  In a boasting comment to Pets Alive blogger John Sibley the ever boisterous Lucy Van Pelt tells us who she is - Maria Venuto.

Maria has a small circle of friends in the no kill circles as she attempts to navigate herself to a position of stature.  One such friend is No Kill Nation's Debi Day.

In this tweet with Debi Day's new alliance of ANONYMOUS hackers planning out her now infamous PeTa attack after the No Kill Conference in Washington DC No Kill Nation's leader acknowledges her friendship with serial stalker Maria Venuto.  Its not the friendship that is cause for concern but the vile nature of attack that Debi Day and Maria Venuto launched against those who dared oppose the sacred no kill mission.

Introducing Operation Mongoose - destroy any opposition

These next several shots come from conversations on Debi Day's personal Facebook page.  One would think that the leader of an "animal advocacy group" whose mission was to end shelter killing in our shelters would be discussing implementation strategies.  That was not the case.

Classy conversation between Maria and Roxy Hurlburt in December 2012,  Hurlburt is the in house accountant used by No Kill Nation to prepare the books.  Note No Kill Nation board member Kathie Santomero "likes" this vile discussion.
Camille Loge is a long time No Kill Nation supporter who is also part of Day's team used to stalk and disrupt any opposition..  This picture was hijacked off my Facebook page and used to disparage two of our senior rescue hounds.  For a person claiming to be an animal advocate to attack and malign a shelter dog survivor is disgusting.  For that attack to happen on the leader of No Kill Nation's Facebook page is far too telling on her lack leadership skills.

In a discussion with several of Day's friends allegation of drug trafficking was inferred.  Those allegations are completely false and highly libelous.  The fact that both Debi Day and Maria Venuto inferred that they were factual is character assassination at its best.  Brenda Steele is ignorant in her comments as well. 
First, I am not a rescuer nor do I run a rescue organization.  I retired from the rescue community in 2010.  I run a small senior sanctuary in which all of the hounds chosen are adopted from local kill shelters as personal pets.  In my now twelve years of running a "multiple pet household" there has never been an occasion where random inspections by animal control have lead to even a warning being issued let alone a citation.  To insinuate anything else is pure ignorant false conjecture.
Debi Day's "band of no kill" stalkers and thugs doesn't limit the maligning of advocates to this blogger.  Fact is, there is a whole list of people who are ridiculed by these small minded individuals like Maria for simply challenging No Kill Nation's mission.  What type of successful leader participates in such childish behavior?
The many faces of Lucy Van Pelt
Maria Venuto doesn't limit herself to just exercising her "creative" side on Facebook.  In fact, Maria has a number of alias creations that are next generation version of Lucy Van Pelt.  One such brainstorm is a partnership collaboration of No Kill Nation's Debi Day and Lucy in a Facebook page known as "Exposing the Truth about Crazy, Old, Busybodies Who Really Hate Animals.
Rest assured this group, commonly referred to as the "Purple Page" is unadulterated hate. The people that Maria targets with her rage are respectable pet owners who volunteer, foster and rescue shelter animals.  Often times Maria's obsession with spewing anger has talking to herself in a sick demented sad sort of way. When she answers those voices to an outsider mental instability comes to mind. 
In this post Maria rants about why Peta has not filed suit against her Lucy comic character by now.  Oddly, she also raises the issue why others who have been the target of her vile demeaning comments haven't filed a law suit either.
One thing is crystal clear - same old Lucy style vulgarities with spewed hated mixed in.
In a totally over the line post Maria not only attacks my crohn's disability but falsely insinuates welfare fraud.  What is truly ignorant is Maria's stance that attacking a senior citizens limited income on SSI that is used to keep a house and pay utilities for not only himself but twenty seven senior hounds who would have no where to go but a local kill shelter shows the total disconnect that has caused so many people to distance themselves from a false no kill movement.
You can't be "no kill" in your preaching when your actions show a deep desire to punish not only the person who disagrees with your thinking but their dogs as well.  That is deplorable and should outrage anyone who TRULY loves animals. 
What kind of a wicked personality can Maria have to wish so much evil on a person who actually runs a no kill sanctuary rather then just talk about it.

Once No Kill Nation's Debi Day started forming her alliances with hacker groups known as ANONYMOUS the threats grew even more absurd.  People don't get involved in animal advocacy to be threatened or to have their families or livelihoods threatened for disagreeing on aspects of shelter reform.  This is pure cyber bullying by a serial stalker who by very nature is nothing less than a mentally unstable thug. 
There has never been a successful movement in history where elements inside the movement attacked their other members who shared the same vision yet offered a different course of action to accomplish a shared goal. 
Successful movements are about bringing real change not stroking shattered ego's.  The "no kill" movement is a fake movement that is based on words alone.  Words don't bring about change - actions do.
So , who is to blame for this fragrant attempt at hijacking the shelter reform movement through threats and intimidation?
The "Purple Page" was set up in collaboration of two close friends - No Kill Nation's president Debi Day and serial stalker Maria Venuto.  The fact that determine this conclusion are not some wild guess but the words coming right from the horse's mouth. 
The information shared in this blog only represents a small portion of Maria's Facebook attacks.  It does not include the attacks she delivers on other social media venues include commenting on blogs in HUFF PO or a brand new social media called twitter.  In part two of the "Who is Lucy Van Pelt" story, the many twitter accounts set up by Maria used to attack the "haters" of no kill will be explored as well.
The no kill movement can not survive with all the divisive infighting WITHIN our ranks. The leadership of the movement are remiss in understanding that if the message is NOT being accepted from within the ranks who share the same vision. how do these same leaders expect to convince the power players and political figures who oppose change that the vision is noble?

The movements massive internal bickering has become the focus for the movements direction with opposing views unable to understand the concept of compromising on shared values and respectfully articulating the opposing views.
Without that ability to communicate respectfully social movements like no kill will fail.  We are better than that.  We don't articulate the hate that Debi and Maria are obsessed with.  Isn't it time we all share the same love and compassion our animals friends would be proud of?

It's time for a little, peace, love and understanding.





Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just a Battle of Words

This No Kill Nation vs Drats case evolved over my demands that No Kill Nation disclose how the $100,000 donated to the Everglades Project in the fall of 2011 was actually being spent.

Rather than disclose that accounting NKN's leader Day instead hired a law firm Tripp Scott to file a civil law suit for the comments listed on these two pages.

Compare the context of my statements, many of which were posted on my personal Face book page, with the comments leveled against me personally. Ironically it would be one year, or in mid November of 2012 that NKN finally released their version of Everglades accounting.

Line items for an administrative fee of $5,646 on donations earmarked for rescue with only $872 paid out to "My Animals Rock" which is rescue group that had been helping Mirta for years. 

Regardless off the numbers on payments to various vet offices the cost per animal rescued would have been substantially less had this rescue operation partnered with Miami Dade Animal Services. 

Sadly, because No Kill Nation insisted on controlling the rescue operation based on available resources.  Many dogs got left behind that could have had a safe place to sleep at the county shelter.

Note: Amy Roman Restucci took over the Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades in February of 2012.  She is now paying herself a $50,000 salary and driving a new BMW - all thanks to donor dollars.  No Kill nation paid ex show breeder Karolyn Rico a $41,000 salary or more than Ingrid Newkirk for who knows what job responsibility she had.  Charity fraud?  You be the judge.

This one area was were No Kill Nation and I disagree on.  With the hatred that No Kill Nation and their leaders had towards shelters and the animal protection community this much needed help was simply ignored.

The accounting was only released in November of 2012 one week after a "Permanent Injunction" was issued ordered me to take down numerous Drats Blogs and just about any reference I may have made that mentions No Kill Nation on Facebook as well.

The arrogance of deceit kept more animals from being saved.  More numbers that are just numbers considering how long it took No Kill Nation's two accountants to put this together. 

Balanced Paws has a business relationship with NKN's leader Debi Day.  The payout of $3,000 was for boarding and training of a dog rescued from the Everglades named Pierre.  There has been no clear explanation as to what happened to Pierre after or if he left the control of Balanced Paws.

Fourteen months in boarding is an awful long time for any dog but to take a dog found living in the wild and make no attempt to find a suitable foster is simply irresponsible.

Still, while No Kill Nation admits they are not a rescue group they have repeatedly attacked my work here running a no kill sanctuary for senior hounds that I started in late 2002.  I have never fostered a dog in boarding.

While NKN's Amy Restucci was much too busy to foster Pierre herself, or simply clueless on fostering, she did have time to take her whole "100+ Abandoned Dogs" team to Key West for some rest and relaxation. 


 I never realized how emotionally stressful rescue is in south Florida.  Most rescuers I know spend their evenings cleaning cages, playing with their fosters and trying to figure out how your going to pay for all those fosters living by your feet.  Not Amy, relieved of the boring responsibility of teaching fosters to trust again she unwinds with a night out with the girls at her favorite pub.

Yet, Amy has on numerous occasions called me irresponsible and a hoarder.  I guess you can't be a hoarder as long as you dump your rescues in boarding and get someone else to pick up the tab.

Once I first starting nosing around on issues related to No Kill Nations involvement in the Everglades Project including the relationships with NKN employees Kathy Santomero, Amy Restucci, Maggie Rodriquez and Camille Loge the rhetoric directed towards me became increasingly hostile.

Who is Kathy Santomero?  Kathy was one of the major fundraisers for the Everglades Project.  She did such a wonderful job No Kill Nation promoted her to the board of directors.  Kathy is also a woman of many words.

In addition to her skills in fundraising Kathy is well versed in espionage.  One would think a group devoted to ending shelter killing in our nations shelters would have board members focused on bringing about that change.

The sad thing is I am not that difficult to spy on.  My Face book page is open to the public, all my blogs are not only open but allow un moderated comments - something that is unheard of in the no kill movement.

If you can't defend your vision by communicating why your vision is better than anything else then you don't have a vision.

While Kathy talks a good story about being compassionate with those who suffer from chronic illness her actions tell an entirely different story.  Was it compassionate to sign an affidavit swearing under oath that 150 plus of the Drats blogs were "lies and defamatory" towards NKN when many of the topics discussed in those blogs covered item like puppy mills, Nathan Winograd (who is NOT NKN), CAPA laws, Rick Berman and the like.  Either Kathy has extremely poor reading comprehension skills or she deliberately filed a false document with the court.

Why would she do that?  In her own words - it's about the music.

Yes, Kathy IGNORANT PEOPLE can be so cruel.

Despite all this hateful rhetoric I complied with the court order that resulted from Santomero's false affidavit used in court to secure a permanent injunction.  Over 150 blogs were deleted, including dozens of educational blogs written months before the Everglades even became an NKN project.

All my older comments on Facebook were blocked by simply changing settings preventing anyone from accessing old posts,  A court order to Google deleted over 150 of my blogs including the blogs on puppy mills, Nathan Winograd, Rick Berman, CAPA, Mike Fry and even more incredibly blogs written about my hounds.

In fact, the order was so extensive that two blogs I wrote for first amendment clarification called "Amused to Death" and "My Back Pages" containing nothing more than lyrics to songs that had been around for decades.

Yet, NKN's board member K Santomero swore under oath that all of these blogs were "lies and defamatory" towards NKN.

That was part of my issue with the permanent injunction. What landed me in hot water was when NKN's attorney demanded that all "future writing" on the NKN be included as well.

Clearly, No Kill Nation's leader nor her friends were going to adjust the tone of words they choose to post.  Words of hate became the battle call of a war of words that entangled anyone who dared voice an opposing viewpoint on No Kill Nation's vision or agenda.

Despite demands from Debi Day's attorney that I not be allowed to comment at all on anything related to Debi or her organization those same guidelines obviously didn't apply to her. 

People were attacked with vile comments by both Debi and her friend Maria Venuto (who posts by the alias Lucy Von Pelt) for simply being friends.  I have only known Hilda Mueller for a very short two years.  Hilda is one of the kindest, compassionate person I have had the honor to meet.  The hateful, vile attacks that were directed at Hilda and her family became very personal to me.

I have never had the honor to meet Mary Lundberg but I do know in watching her work she is a friend to shelter animals.

What kind of leader of a national animal advocacy group threatens people and what kind of leader allows her friends to post the most vile comments about a person imaginable?  Mary works tirelessly taking pictures of shelter dogs at MDAS hoping to find that one person who might save a life.  Debi Day and her NKN friends are much too consumed with their war of hate to be bothered.

This is school yard behavior - Debi Day can not be trusted to act like an adult.  This "no kill" movement - if there is a movement - will never survive as long as it is run by children who only have hatred in their hearts.

Maybe someone can explain to me where this dialog fits in with implementing Nathan Winograd's "No Kill Equation"?  As an advocate for over a decade I have never seen such vile language.  For a leader of an advocacy group to not only include themselves in this discussion but to host these friends on her Facebook page should be disgusting to everyone who got into advocacy or rescue not to play school yard bully but to save lives of the four legged companions most of us love so dearly.

The truth is none of the vile comments above can be banned through the courts.  That would clearly be a violation of the first amendment.  The Supreme Court has ruled that "even defamatory speech" is protected under the first amendment.

Now as a practical application it would be ill advised to write things that can be proven defamatory like the comments I have just shared.  Those defamatory comments then could be subject to a lawsuit clarifying whether or not they were defamatory or not.
Debi Day has repeatedly claimed that the statements I've written on Facebook or this Drats blog were "ruled" defamatory after the court heard testimony was heard.  That is a blatant lie.  The court NEVER held evidence hearings on any of the statements listed in the original complaint No Kill Nation filed.  

The only hearings held were pretrial motion hearings.  I defaulted out of a court battle that would have cost me six figures in legal fees to defend.  Instead of wasting money on attorney's I chose to use my resources to pay for things like surgery and vet bills for the hounds.

In this country the super wealthy should never be able to "PURCHASE" public opinion.  The concept of the rich and affluent not only silencing my voice but, as Maria puts it "putting me in prison", is something that happens in third world countries but not in the United States of America.

I know many have told me to walk away but walking away from defending the right to free speech would be an insult to all of our brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for my freedom and yours too - that is simply something I will not do.