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No Kill Nation FARA, PETA and the rescue hoarding card

Posted on No Kill Nation:

FOLLOW UP--Caboodle Ranch; The other side of the story.

Madison County, FL, 5 weeks ago- PeTA was first to break the news that they had been investigating Caboodle Ranch, a cat sanctuary located in FL. Their claims of hoarding, squalor, disease, and neglect on the ranch property affecting hundreds of cats, soon flooded the internet and news across the U.S.

As the story unfolded, we all learned a PeTA "investigator" who posed as the custodian to the home and property was obviously not doing the job hired to do. Instead the "investigator/custodian" was capturing video evidence over the course of a 5 month period. Yes, this person was watching from behind a camera as the cats allegedly, became more and more ill.

The ASPCA "rescued" all of the cats from Caboodle Ranch, followed by donor solicitations from both PeTA and the ASPCA to stop animal hoarding. However, as we learn more, we have to wonder what this "investigation" was all about, as intimated by Caboodle Ranch's attorney's statement in this report. Was this the agenda of a "...private interest group"?

Prior to the Caboodle 'bust", The Florida Animal Rescue Act had gained strong support in both Tallahassee and the public during the 2012 FL legislative session. PeTA campaigned heavily against the F.A.R.A. Bill, claiming F.A.R.A. was dangerous and would allow rescue groups to hoard even more. Keep in mind; this was not a shelter, but a sanctuary.

The F.A.R.A. Bill in no way applied to this situation, in fact, IF Craig Grant was a HOARDER; F.A.R.A. had remedies built into the Bill giving the authorities recourse.

How many cats was there that were actually sick? Where are the cats now? How many were KILLED? We may never know. We have heard from several people- rescuers, cat adopters, and visitors of Caboodle who have negated the PeTA reports as to the condition of the cats. They have also verified that the ranch was a place where adoptions occurred, not a hoarder at all.

There are definitely two sides to this story.
Craig Grant, along with his attorney speaks out!  posted by No Kill Nation

If you hate PETA you'll be in good company as a No Kill Nation supporter. Rarely a day goes by without breeder support groups like No Kill Nation regurgitating some form of PETA hate thread.

As in the case of No Kill Nation's analogy of the Caboodle Ranch Sanctuary often times the facts get blurred by the many rabid breeders who participate in the PETA trashing. How one can leap from being able to justify any of the Caboodle Ranch survivors suffering at the hands of rescue is mystifying but we'll assume that NKN is driven by political motivations that allow this collateral feline suffering to be tolerable.

It should not be surprising that No Kill Nation's leadership team lead by "breeder/hoarder apologist" Debi Day is once again trying to spin some sort of positive story coming from the recent Caboodle Ranch raid. This is a "leader" with a history of surrounding herself with rescue amateurs who have completely redefined the definition of irresponsible rescue.

Clearly the issues of rescue hoarding are crucial to the rescue community at large as cases like this only paint a dismal picture of the rescue communities role in solving not only our pet overpopulation problems but shelter killing and suffering at the hands of exploiters as well. To look for superficial excuses for keeping cats in such a horrible setting that allows suffering to such a degree only points out how twisted the "no kill nation" goal is that it allows for any type of suffering, whether that suffering is at the hands of a irresponsible breeder, dog fighter or mentally ill rescuer hell bent on justifying hoarding as an alternative to shelter killing.

While one could expect Craig Grant's attorney to speak out in defense of his client what is surprising is that No Kill Nation is willing to defend him as well. This is clearly where the malfunctioning logic of NKN's brain trust doesn't realize that in defending Grant NKN's founder AKC show breeder Karolyn Rico and local gold digger Debi Day (who has no experience in no kill or shelter reform) has made a tactical decision to defend Grant's handling and abuse of Caboodle Ranch. This includes not only the allegations of neglect that Grant withheld critical vet care but allegations of misuse of funding that should have been used to provide medical treatment but was not.

One thing is certain, the massive breeder support for the no kill movement fueled by Winograd's lambasting of animal protection groups like HSUS, ASPCA or PETA has caused a "dumbing down" effect that breeders add to the movement. It's not surprising that No Kill Nation doesn't waste a lot of brain power trying to defend sanctuary hoarding cases like Palena Dorsey's Animal Sanctuary in Clewistown, or the Haven's Acres Cat Sanctuary raid that lead to numerous charges being filed or the now more recent raid on Caboodle Ranch. It's much simpler for these breeder malcontents to blame everything on PETA.

No Kill Nation's political agenda includes controversial policy positions ignoring the reality of pet overpopulation. It shouldn't be surprising that No Kill Nation shares a hatred for animal protection groups like PETA, the HSUS or the ASPCA. Instead,

Debi Day's "No Kill Nation" shares an agenda of hatred directed at the animal protection community. With allies armed against the animal protection movement including the likes of breeder support groups including Patti Strand's National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), Walt Hutchens Pet Law group or Rick Bermans many animal exploitation groups including Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) and HumaneWatch.

It is this "strange bedfellows" arrangement that should cause red flags for a "no kill" agenda that completely ignores the role of irresponsible breeding as a cause and effect for not only an ongoing pet overpopulation crisis but shelter killing as well.

What No Kill Nation doesn't share as a political agenda is a goal of building a "no kill - no suffering" nation that would work towards strengthening animal protection laws tightening regulations not only on commercial puppy mill breeders but large scale rescue operations like Caboodle as well.

If we are going to rescue and shelter our homeless pets then we must provide regulations that PROTECT these same pets from being exploited once again by an rescue community that turns a blind eye to animal cruelty and neglect under "no kill".

It should not be surprising that No Kill Nation's leadership team lead by "breeder hoarder apologist" Debi Day is once again trying to spin some sort of positive story coming from the recent Caboodle Ranch raid. This is a "leader" with a history of surrounding herself with rescue amateurs who have completely redefined the definition of responsible rescue.

Debi Day's concept of "rescue" includes the like of convicted criminals like Maggie Rodriquez who have left dozens of shelter dogs dumped in boarding only to suffer the ultimate in rescue betrayal. It's been quite clear that No Kill Nation is not the least bit interested in "rescue" except when it comes to running chip ins that can be used to fund a breeder enabling political agenda including the misguided FARA bill.

Of course, in order to spin this story NKN has to ignore years of complaints coming out of Caboodle but one fact that can't be ignored is that despite having over $80,000 in unspent donations very few of the cats who were ill received any type of treatment whatsoever. Further, how can a responsible sanctuary explain away the number of unaltered cats at the sanctuary who were allowed to reproduce despite the incredible number of cats already being cared for?

Craig Grant is not only a HOARDER but he is a criminal as well. Grant routinely helped himself to funds donated to care for the cats including using donations for lavish sporting events, trips to Vegas and just about everything EXCEPT providing medical care for the cats entrusted to HIS sanctuary.

For those interested in the truth and the suffering that went on at the Caboodle Ranch click on the following link. One thing is certain - the cats who survived Caboodle ranch have a much more promising future than had they been left behind.

No Kill Nation's attack on the roles PETA, ASPCA and other humane groups played is nothing more than sour grapes for PETA pointing out the obvious - the Florida Animal Rescue Act would have only resulted in MORE hoarding cases coming out of an unregulated Florida rescue community not less.

Despite claims to the contrary by an obviously confused NKN leadership team FARA would have had NO IMPACT on Caboodle Ranch specifically because Grant primary source of cats were owner surrenders that he could collect a fee from.

The Florida Animal Rescue Act (FARA) did NOT require rescue groups to provide a physical address or to face yearly inspections. There would be no reason for on non profits like Caboodle Ranch to provide any reporting on animals in their care. Even "rescue" groups like Caboodle Ranch that allow pets to reproduce would not face any additional regulations under FARA.

FARA was a BAD BILL for animals that failed miserably in protecting shelter pets from criminal exploiters like Grant.  To read more about the Florida Animal Rescue Act and how it will lead to more shelter suffering:

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No Kill Trilogy Amused to Death

News hound sniffs the air
He latches on to that symbol of detachment
Attracted by the peeling away of feeling
The celebrity of the abused, ooh western woman, western girl

And the children of Melrose strut their stuff
Is absolute zero cold enough
And out in the valley warm and clean
The little ones sit by their FB screens
No thoughts to think
No tears to cry
All sucked dry

Down to the very last breath
Bartender what is wrong with me
Why am I so out of breath
The captain said excuse me ma'am
Your nation has amused itself to death

We watched the tragedy unfold
We did as we were told
We bought and sold
It was the greatest show on earth
But then it was over
We ohhed and aahed
We flew our private jets

We ate our last few jars of caviar
And somewhere out there in the stars
A keen-eyed look-out
Spied a flickering light
Our last hurrah
And when they found our shadows
Grouped around the FB sets