Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear Breeder Apologist - oh doctor pleae - some more of these?...

For those new to the no kill movement here's the reality of what no kill is all about.

Pet overpopulation is a MYTH and as such shelters, taxpayers and the humane community alone share the responsibility for every dog and cat killed under their watch. Shelters are obviously responsible for THEY perform the killing but equally to blame are the taxpayers for not insisting their shelter operate as no kill or for being unwilling or unable to fund those life saving programs. The humane community is to blame for failing to keep up with the number of pets dumped in our shelters with located homes among the 23,000,000 homes looking for pets according to breeder propaganda.

In the wacky world of no kill animal protection organizations are the enemy and breeders are our friends and allies in this life and death struggle with the animals rights fanatics who are only really interested in taking YOUR dog or YOUR cat and either setting it free from a lifetime enslaved as your "pet" or simply killing it to prevent people like YOU from forcing it to suffer.

With all that said how many of you would like the no killers and breeders to pass the Prozac please....what a drag this is growing old.

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