Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who in the world is Lucy Van Pelt?

In a complaint filed in a New York state court, PETA said the unknown commenters posted their statements under various usernames, including "Lucy Van Pelt," "Eyema Nurde" and "ambersommerville." The group wants The Huffington Post to turn over the users’ addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, Internet service provider access records, account histories and user activity records.

Throughout history social movements have lead to the maturation of the country. A social movement thrives on the ability of a progressive community to capitalize on political opportunities and translates into social change. Philanthropic acts of financial giving, volunteer activity and a shared association of values is the vehicle that drives this change.

Smart, honest, committed leaders are invaluable to a movement, especially as the movement seeks to create new leaders to keep the movement rolling. Of utmost importance are charismatic leaders who can eloquently articulate people's concerns and inspire a positive emotional response.

Social movements face an uphill battle simply surviving. To achieve substantial and sustainable political change the movement requires honesty within its ranks. The no kill movement faces a myriad of challenges that focus on engaging the movement with a vision that all can agree on and effective tactics for bringing about that change.

However, organizations like No Kill Nation with leaders that are weak on tactical thinking, who have trouble focusing and researching a movement’s success and that attack those inside the movement who offer dissenting opinions is doomed for failure.

Some organizations fail simply because they engage in dishonest, disrupted or violent or abusive action in dealing with anticipated dissent. While on the surface this type of behavior attracts attention it also tends to alienate supporters who are not interested in a lack of honest transparency or the drama the attention also includes.

Further, new supporters who are attracted to the drama and personal agenda's further drive away the critical support that comes from more moderate or conservative supporters. 

This is why understanding who Lucy Van Pelt is critical to the survival of a shelter reform movement that deems itself "no kill".  So, who is this "Lucy Van Pelt?  Why not let Lucy tell us?

Lovely "Lucy" has become quite infamous posting hostile often times vile comments on many publications including her favorite the Huffington Post - as Huff Po as it is eloquently called.  The vile nature and "out of the blue" content she posts has many viewing Lucy as nothing more than a "serial stalker" relentless in attacking her prey.

My first encounter with Lucy was after seeing a post she had written on one of the No Kill Facebook pages.  Since some people may over react with first impressions I tried having a conversation with Lucy hoping to set her mind at ease.  She declined that offer and instead launched what can only be described as a vicious attack on someone who admittedly she did not know.

So, who is Lucy Van Pelt?  In a boasting comment to Pets Alive blogger John Sibley the ever boisterous Lucy Van Pelt tells us who she is - Maria Venuto.

Maria has a small circle of friends in the no kill circles as she attempts to navigate herself to a position of stature.  One such friend is No Kill Nation's Debi Day.

In this tweet with Debi Day's new alliance of ANONYMOUS hackers planning out her now infamous PeTa attack after the No Kill Conference in Washington DC No Kill Nation's leader acknowledges her friendship with serial stalker Maria Venuto.  Its not the friendship that is cause for concern but the vile nature of attack that Debi Day and Maria Venuto launched against those who dared oppose the sacred no kill mission.

Introducing Operation Mongoose - destroy any opposition

These next several shots come from conversations on Debi Day's personal Facebook page.  One would think that the leader of an "animal advocacy group" whose mission was to end shelter killing in our shelters would be discussing implementation strategies.  That was not the case.

Classy conversation between Maria and Roxy Hurlburt in December 2012,  Hurlburt is the in house accountant used by No Kill Nation to prepare the books.  Note No Kill Nation board member Kathie Santomero "likes" this vile discussion.
Camille Loge is a long time No Kill Nation supporter who is also part of Day's team used to stalk and disrupt any opposition..  This picture was hijacked off my Facebook page and used to disparage two of our senior rescue hounds.  For a person claiming to be an animal advocate to attack and malign a shelter dog survivor is disgusting.  For that attack to happen on the leader of No Kill Nation's Facebook page is far too telling on her lack leadership skills.

In a discussion with several of Day's friends allegation of drug trafficking was inferred.  Those allegations are completely false and highly libelous.  The fact that both Debi Day and Maria Venuto inferred that they were factual is character assassination at its best.  Brenda Steele is ignorant in her comments as well. 
First, I am not a rescuer nor do I run a rescue organization.  I retired from the rescue community in 2010.  I run a small senior sanctuary in which all of the hounds chosen are adopted from local kill shelters as personal pets.  In my now twelve years of running a "multiple pet household" there has never been an occasion where random inspections by animal control have lead to even a warning being issued let alone a citation.  To insinuate anything else is pure ignorant false conjecture.
Debi Day's "band of no kill" stalkers and thugs doesn't limit the maligning of advocates to this blogger.  Fact is, there is a whole list of people who are ridiculed by these small minded individuals like Maria for simply challenging No Kill Nation's mission.  What type of successful leader participates in such childish behavior?
The many faces of Lucy Van Pelt
Maria Venuto doesn't limit herself to just exercising her "creative" side on Facebook.  In fact, Maria has a number of alias creations that are next generation version of Lucy Van Pelt.  One such brainstorm is a partnership collaboration of No Kill Nation's Debi Day and Lucy in a Facebook page known as "Exposing the Truth about Crazy, Old, Busybodies Who Really Hate Animals.
Rest assured this group, commonly referred to as the "Purple Page" is unadulterated hate. The people that Maria targets with her rage are respectable pet owners who volunteer, foster and rescue shelter animals.  Often times Maria's obsession with spewing anger has talking to herself in a sick demented sad sort of way. When she answers those voices to an outsider mental instability comes to mind. 
In this post Maria rants about why Peta has not filed suit against her Lucy comic character by now.  Oddly, she also raises the issue why others who have been the target of her vile demeaning comments haven't filed a law suit either.
One thing is crystal clear - same old Lucy style vulgarities with spewed hated mixed in.
In a totally over the line post Maria not only attacks my crohn's disability but falsely insinuates welfare fraud.  What is truly ignorant is Maria's stance that attacking a senior citizens limited income on SSI that is used to keep a house and pay utilities for not only himself but twenty seven senior hounds who would have no where to go but a local kill shelter shows the total disconnect that has caused so many people to distance themselves from a false no kill movement.
You can't be "no kill" in your preaching when your actions show a deep desire to punish not only the person who disagrees with your thinking but their dogs as well.  That is deplorable and should outrage anyone who TRULY loves animals. 
What kind of a wicked personality can Maria have to wish so much evil on a person who actually runs a no kill sanctuary rather then just talk about it.

Once No Kill Nation's Debi Day started forming her alliances with hacker groups known as ANONYMOUS the threats grew even more absurd.  People don't get involved in animal advocacy to be threatened or to have their families or livelihoods threatened for disagreeing on aspects of shelter reform.  This is pure cyber bullying by a serial stalker who by very nature is nothing less than a mentally unstable thug. 
There has never been a successful movement in history where elements inside the movement attacked their other members who shared the same vision yet offered a different course of action to accomplish a shared goal. 
Successful movements are about bringing real change not stroking shattered ego's.  The "no kill" movement is a fake movement that is based on words alone.  Words don't bring about change - actions do.
So , who is to blame for this fragrant attempt at hijacking the shelter reform movement through threats and intimidation?
The "Purple Page" was set up in collaboration of two close friends - No Kill Nation's president Debi Day and serial stalker Maria Venuto.  The fact that determine this conclusion are not some wild guess but the words coming right from the horse's mouth. 
The information shared in this blog only represents a small portion of Maria's Facebook attacks.  It does not include the attacks she delivers on other social media venues include commenting on blogs in HUFF PO or a brand new social media called twitter.  In part two of the "Who is Lucy Van Pelt" story, the many twitter accounts set up by Maria used to attack the "haters" of no kill will be explored as well.
The no kill movement can not survive with all the divisive infighting WITHIN our ranks. The leadership of the movement are remiss in understanding that if the message is NOT being accepted from within the ranks who share the same vision. how do these same leaders expect to convince the power players and political figures who oppose change that the vision is noble?

The movements massive internal bickering has become the focus for the movements direction with opposing views unable to understand the concept of compromising on shared values and respectfully articulating the opposing views.
Without that ability to communicate respectfully social movements like no kill will fail.  We are better than that.  We don't articulate the hate that Debi and Maria are obsessed with.  Isn't it time we all share the same love and compassion our animals friends would be proud of?

It's time for a little, peace, love and understanding.






  1. Those women are foul humans! What they don't realize is that all of their hate and negativity becomes part of their physiology. They are ensuring that at some point in their lives they will become physically sick because of how they've allowed themselves to behave! That is a fact!

  2. The only thing that this ridiculous rambling nonsense proves, is that you stalk Maria.

  3. Ah Marilyn Reese. I was expecting a grammar lesson. There woukdn't be anything to ramble about if you no kill nuts quit running your mouths. You attack my disabilty, call me a felon, a hoarder - all because i refuse to pray at Saint Nathan's altar. Thst and yo have nothing positive snout. How would you feel Marilyn is in attacked your illness. What if i accused you repeatedly of faking your illness? Do you people even have boundaries thst most civilized people don't cross over? The twitter story will be even more vile.

    The leaders in your fake movement behave like rotten fives year old fighting in s dand box. They are certainly not qualified to lead anyone when they themselves are so lost and entangled in hatred.

  4. If nothing else Lil Lucy and her friends keep us entertained. Their reputation precedes them. I'm still shaking my head trying to figure out why Debi Day recently joined a discussion group where Randy has been a member for years. If you are crying to the courts that someone is stalking you why do you insert yourself within his sights?

  5. Based on Marilyn Reese response I will assume she FULLY AGREES with her pals Debi Day and Maria Venuto's REPEATED attempts in filing FALSE ALLEGATIONS with our local animal control HOPING that our senior hounds will be seized and killed. That's YOUR NO KILL NUTS for you.