Monday, May 9, 2011

Strange bedfellows provide support for the "No Kill" movement

National Animal Interest Alliance - Mofed supports No Kill and sled dogs?
For all who are rightfully outraged at the slaughter of 100 sled dogs in  British Columbia the National Animal Interest Alliance supports the rights of those who choose to own "sled dogs".  This would be the same NAIA who is now one of the staunchest supporters of the no kill movement as well.  To date no one in a leadership role has pointed out how an animal use group liked the NAIA can support the use of animals in puppy mills, used for research and in this case sled dogs as well.

Why would an animal use group known to oppose any and all regulations for the "animal use industry" also be an ardent supporter of Nathan Winograd and the "no kill" movement?  One needs only look at the position statement's Winograd promotes with his "no kill movement" that creates a false impression that pet overpopulation is a myth (it is not) and the position that it isn't irresponsible pet breeders and irresponsible pet owners who are responsible for the millions of dogs and cats still being killed in our publicly funded shelters but it is solely the fault of shelter managers who do the killing. 

Of course, there is no explanation on the role of forcing millions of innocent dogs and cats to live out there entire lives without human contact and oftentimes in cruel and substandard conditions. 

Animal rights groups like the Animal Liberation Front wrote this about the NAIA's support of the puppy mill industry. 

It seems disengenous for the leaders of the No Kill Movement to constantly attack animal welfare groups that include Best Friends, the ASPCA, and HSUS simply because of policy positions these groups have that differ from those positions held by the no kill movement itself.  Why not call out these major animal use players as well?

It is important that we are judged by the "company" we keep and for this reason I can no longer support a movement that places all the blame on shelters while turning a blind eye to supporters of that movement - especially in light of the trend to capitalize on the no kill movement itself.  To read more about the animal "use" groups please do your research on the major including:

National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)

Meet the Animal Interest Alliance Board - (note - you won't find any shelter reformists in this group)

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (Mofed) - lobbied for opposition to Prop B in Missouri and has been linked to a bill which would have criminalized activists taking pictures of puppy mills or pets stores without permission.

To read NAIA position on sled dogs

So, the question remains - why is the No Kill Movement willing to enable those who use pets for personal gain by silently soliciting their support?


  1. RPOA based in San Antonio, TX. Another lovely group.

  2. In a future post I'll be sharing many details about how all these groups work together to "conspire" in defeating just about every bill proposed that might reign in or regulate irresponsible "use" breeders. What is more disturbing is the political cover being given these sbusers by the "no kill" movement.

    BTW, it's almost comical to call less then 20 no kill shelters a "movement" I like to refer to it as a "cyber cafe movement", pass the latte.

    Unfortunately for the animals if the movement is allowed to continue unchallenged and if it grounds groups like HSUS, the ASPCA ect then the victims of puppy mill abuse will have no one to challenge them.