Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nathan Winograd's Great Myths of No Kill

Ignored and Forgotten victims of Nathan's World
Nathan Winograd, Director of the No Kill Advocacy Center

It is the season of giving. But be careful.
Winograd’s claim to fame evolves around attacking the animal protection community through distortions that ultimately cause great animal suffering. It is simply disingenuous for anyone claiming to be an expert on animal issues to ignore the role HSUS plays in passing laws that further regulate puppy mills, close loopholes that allow dog fighters to continue their sport along with a number of shelter support programs that help many communities get control over their pet overpopulation issues.

To be clear, Winograd’s lust for selling books has allowed him to accept cash donations from breeder support groups, give no kill speeches at dog shows and support even more breeding with his incredibly na├»ve and dangerous mantra that "pet overpopulation is a myth". Espousing such ignorant views only serves to enable MORE breeding not less. Nathan Winograd does not reflect the values of the rescue community – he simply expects the rescue community to continue to fund the rescue of millions of dogs and cats who should have never been bred in the first place.

His list of supporters includes some of the seediest names in irresponsible breeding including groups that lobby in opposition to closing the loopholes that provide minimal standards for the victims of puppy mill abuse. To be clear most of Winograd’s most vocal supporters DO NOT RESCUE, yet many DO BREED.

Please don’t be fooled by a sheep in breeders clothing. Groups like HSUS are not the enemy – breeder apologist like Nathan Winograd are enemies to all abused neglected animals who continue to be part of a much larger pet overpopulation crisis wasting away in the same puppy mills Winograd is prepared to ignore.

Donate to your local rescue groups who foster animals for sure but don’t forget the victims of dog fighting abuse or puppy mill abuse that Winograd seems so willing to ignore.
Nathan Winograd would love to have you forget about the silent screams of victims of animal exploitation but it is not the animal protection community who is abusing and killing our companion friends - it's Winograd's legion of breeder supporters who are responsible for that abuse.

Rescue friends of animals do not support the breeder enabling excuses of "no kill" - we support building a no suffering - no kill nation to end that suffering at the hands of the abusers.


  1. Nathan Winograd himself failed in his duty to close down a cruel Groton puppy mill while he was in Tompkins County. His response was he was trying to "gradually" reduce the numbers at this puppy mill. The Ag. Dept. asked him to close it, he didn't do it. Now I ask how do you "gradually" reduce a cruel puppy mill? Is that done by taking the puppies maybe? After all, puppies are the easily adoptable, aren't they? Who knows the real story on that other than Winograd left Tompkins shortly after this story broke.

  2. You're a liar. I have tried to verify a single one of your vile accusations and cannot. It's a lie, and you know it's a lie. You truly have a hatred for animals and people that just oozes from your words. Nathan has done more for animals then anyone in our lifetimes. Just please get yourself some help, you are clearly a very disturbed man. My dad's a shrink, I can get you someone to talk to. I sincerely mean that.

    1. Mia, well you certainly have that Winograd "attack and shoot the messenger" down pat. Please point out exactly what lies your referring to? Otherwise you appear to be another Winograd groupie new to the discussion who takes all her info from one political point of view.

      The bottom line is no matter how much "swoon" your rock star no kill god has his methods have only succeeded in four communities with shelter intake numbers of 4,000 dogs and cats a year. Hardly what i would deem a movement. If Winograd didn't 90 percent of his time ranting against animal protection groups he might actually succeed in helping number five.

    2. Ok, Randy
      1.You know damn well that Nathan does not support puppy mills, breeders,pet stores,anything of the sort.
      2. No kill does not lead to suffering, it saves lives, countless lives.
      3. You're overlooking San Francisco(back in the day) , Austin, and about 90 other communities across the country that have successfully implemented no kill programs and are saving lives.
      4. You assert that he has done nothing to help when he has written 3 books, and through his NKAC and his FB makes information and tools readily available so people can implement changes in their own communities.
      I'm sure there's more but we can start with those. Next: politics have nothing to do with a love of animals.
      These animal protection groups NEED to be reformed. For god's sake, how can you not see that?? You really perceive PETA, and HSUS as HELPING animals?! REALLY?? So if you think exposing their wrong doings and pushing for change as "attacking" then I don't know what to tell you. Do you honestly think that our shelters are great, they're perfect, and nothing is wrong? That they don't need to be reformed?
      No swoon here Randy, I just love animals and want to help them from being killed, and I know the truth, and a good person, when I see it. As far as being "new" to the conversation, not really, I just haven't bothered to engage you until now. You say you love animals. You claim to love your dogs. So if you have a heart, at all, really try to consider other points of view.

    3. Nathan Winograd who spends an exorbitant amount of time spreading misleading information by leaving out important facts that mislead the reader to come to the wrong conclusion about:
      PETA that has 1.6 Million Facebook fans,
      HSUS has 1.6 Million Facebook fans,
      ASPCA has 1.2 Million Facebook fans
      Nathan Winograd has 17,343 facebook fans
      Why isn't Winograd in the trenches helping real shelters become no-kill, isn't that his mission? There's 90 no-kill shelters and there's about 4,910 more animal shelters that could use Winograd help.

  3. "According to Winograd, the investigator informed him there were numerous complaints with the kennel and the dogs' care. According to Winograd, he has been aware of what he termed "unfit conditions" at the Groton kennel since he began working at the SPCA a year and a half ago"

    SPCA hounds Groton breeder, kennel
    The Ithaca Journal - Ithaca, N.Y.
    Author: Diana LaMattina
    Date: Feb 22, 2003
    Start Page:

  4. Nathan Winograd made up lies about PETA and gets his brainless followers to agree he used photos of dead animals from vet clinics not involved with PETA in his Huffington post article then made out PETA were responsible