Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Kill's silent support of puppy mill misery

Puppy Mills Breed Misery
If you do nothing else today please take a few minutes to view this startling report from Dateline on the horrors of puppy mills and how our government fails to protect the poor innocent victims of this horrible industry. 

This is a story you won't find on any of the no kill Facebook pages.  You won't find the story of puppy mill atrocities on breeder friendly groups like No Kill Nation.  In fact, No Kill Nation's leadership includes show breeder Karolyn Rico who supports groups like the American Kennel Club with their pathetic partnership supporting puppy mills.

Sadly, thanks to the relentless attacks on the animal protection community orchestrated by a cultist lead no kill movement many of these victims suffer from our silence.

No kill cult leaders like Nathan Winograd ignores the horrors of puppy mills while clinging to his misguided position that the market will in time close down the mills when pet owners start adopting shelter dogs in his grand no kill vision.  His voice has been silent in supporting the laws needed to put ban end to this abusive industry now rather then allow these victims of misery to continue to suffer.

It is pathetic that the no kill movement fails to recognize the existence of MILLIONS of dogs who languish in squalor as part of a huge pet overpopulation crisis that leads to the millions of dogs killed in our public shelters.

As animal advocates our loud voice should echo to close down these horrible breeding mills. Not just because no animal advocate should be silent to this horrible abuse but because in doing so the number of dogs that fuel our pet overpopulation crisis would lead to less animals ending up in our public and private kill shelters as well.

Published on Jan 10, 2013

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