Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Kill's Friendly Fire Supports Puppy Mill Suffering

These dogs "got their whole life ahead of them to work for ya"

I started Drats not simply as a blog in opposition of a misguided no kill movement but to be a voice for the silent suffering stuck in puppy mill hell as well. 
My hatred of puppy mills is in memory of the dogs rescued from miller auctions including those like my Sally and Sadie. Both were rescued from a breeder auction only to die far too young from the years of neglect and abuse.

As an advocate I have a hard time watching this video of a breeder’s auction. Both of my bassets Sherlock and Abigail lived to survive an auction like that. I cannot help but visualize both Sherlock and Abigail sitting in one of those cages frightened to death of what was going on all around them.

While both Sherlock and Abigail were among the lucky ones who survived only because they were bought for rescue a vast majority of worn out breeder stock is not so lucky. Their fates were either to spend their remaining years in more abusive often times Amish mill or death at the hands of their breeder if they weren’t purchased at all.

Sherlock and Abigail sold for a mere $25. That was the cost of their freedom. That is the value placed on their lives and their future. Only truly horrible people participate in this extremely cruel business of auctioning off such innocent and beautiful creatures.

BUT, What about ME?  Don't I count?
Next time some no kill nut like No Kill Advocacy Center’s Nathan Winograd or No Kill Nation’s Debi Day tries to convince you how evil the HSUS is for not supporting shelters think about the dogs you saw suffering in this video.

Think about their scared faces and remember only a small number are rescued. Your LOUD VOICE in support of animal protection groups and your donations are needed to reform this horribly cruel industry where death would be better than living a lifetime of abuse. Only the truly ignorant use their collective voices to downplay the role HSUS plays in SAVING these lives. Only the truly ignorant donate to these ignorant no kill organizations who are willing to look away while pushing breeder enabling agenda’s of their own.

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