Friday, April 26, 2013

Manatee County - No Kill Nation Shell Game

No Kill Nation Shell Game
As much as Manatee Animal Control should be proud of for its diligence in saving lives no kill is nothing more than a shell game that shifts the killing and the burden of funding animal control from one communiy or in this case one state to another.

First off, Manatee has yet to reach its goal of being no kill. I believe the numbers from last year was around an 80 percent save rate if I am to believe the numbers released. A much bigger problem is a lack of credibility when attempts to glamorize “no kill” displays a much darker side where honest reporting gets tossed into the wind and no kill nuts organize efforts to fluff and distort the numbers on animals actually killed using the “no kill equation”.

For every dog Shane saves today a dog will die in Murray County Ga. That is realty. It is appalling that an irresponsible Georgia rescuer would lay the guilt and responsibility for saving URGENT dogs in Murray on the responsible rescue community which is already over loaded, under funded and simply does not need anymore dogs in the Atlanta or entire state of Georgia.

We have a PET OVERPOPULATION crisis in Georgia as does the entire state of Florida. Yet, for a RESPONSIBLE rescuer like myself to state the obvious to followers of St. Wino’s Church of the Blatantly Insane I can assure you we will be viewed as PRO KILL outcasts and burned at the stake with all his loyal followers chanting “PETA KILLS – PETAS KILLS”.

Peta has nothing to do with the pathetic state our public shelters are in. The real problem is the shell game perpetrated by irresponsible and blatantly dishonest leadership in the “no kill” community that spins tales of success and failure to further an equally dishonest breeder enabling agenda.

The other glowing problem that sweeps up the good people in communities like Manatee is NO ONE talks about the cost of implementing these dishonest solutions to solving our long-term pet overpopulation issues. Solutions like promoting responsible pet ownership through education, spay neuter and breeder licensing to lower not only the number of pets being rammed through our publicly funded shelters but the suffering and costs associated with an increased number of hoarding cases as well.

As disgusting as the first comment was the reality is if your politicians aren’t keeping you informed on the costs of no kill then you need to be asking those questions. Is your animal control budget going up, down or remaining revenue neutral? If you are committing more resources for saving animals while cutting programs for programs for children, the homeless or unemployed or your elderly population than you have some moral issues that are simply not acceptable.

There are real solutions that get swept under the rug while playing this no kill shell game. Those solutions include promoting targeted low cost spay neuter programs with the funding used to increase as adoptions. Are you investing in the next generation of pet owners through education programs in your school systems that promote responsible pet ownership as a community obligation.

Finally, are you addressing the root cause of pet overpopulation by passing laws that reign in irresponsible breeding with a county breeder licensing laws eliminating road side sales of puppies, the sale of puppies at the many flea markets in the area and the huge contingent of backyard breeders who don’t even pay sales tax of puppies they sell?

If you not doing these things the taxpayers are simply pawns in a much more egregious agenda that enables breeders to do what they do best – create a world of abuse and suffering that is merely mask under the distorted vision that has come to be called no kill.

To learn more about true shelter reform google “Drats No Kill” or visit “Exposing the truth on No Kill Nation” on Face Book.

Love Drats

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  1. For the record - the bill board included in this blog is NOT from Manatee County but instead a bill board that was put in in rural Walton County Ga to help encourage citizens to spay neuter their pets.