Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Kill Nation Seeks Jail Closing Hounds Sanctuary

News Flash - Just received notice for a "Supplemental Hearing scheduled for tomorrow in Judge Eileen O'Connor's Broward County Court House seeking an unspecified jail sentence for failing to appear at a January 29th 2013 hearing.  Any type of ruling would place a number of the sanctuary hounds in grave danger.

Further my senior basset Cleo is scheduled for serious life threatening surgery on Monday and senior hospice care beagle Oscar is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning to remove a mass as well.  It is not only repulsive that a group claiming to advocate for shelter animals would be so reckless but is disgraceful to consider I currently house 28 special needs hounds who for the most part ARE shelter survivors even the no kill nuts weren't willing or able to rescue.

So NOW DEBI wants to send these dogs WHERE?  The shelter where WE KILL OLD DOGS?  To her boarding kennel the Dog House in Pompano Beach?  Or does she EVEN care?

Why would ANYONE who claims to understand canine behavior even discuss removing dogs from a home where they have most cases for several years to use as bait in extorting a favorable agreement in a civil suit?  Where does THAT fit in with your No Kill Equation.

I would WARN the leader of No Kill Nation that if even ONE of the hounds suffers from her actions the consequences would be overwhelming in retribution.

There are TWENTY EIGHT live hounds who are depending on me to provide for their needs.  I take that responsibility VERY seriously.  It would NOT be a prudent or wise move to test that resolve.  People inclined to make a statement in support are asked to consider donating to either Oscar or Cleo's immediate life saving needs rather than all this senseless drama.


  1. HOW DO I START MY OWN BLOG? Then they can come after about 20 of US down here in Miami territory where they have done tremendous damage!

  2. Randy-Maria Venuto has nothing to do with this lawsuit or NKN. I suggest that you're in enough trouble, and it would be wise to remove the tag.

  3. Bozo, i don't normally respond to clowns but I'll make an exception in your case. Maria is neck deep in this mess along with her EMPLOYER for allowing her to slander me while on company time. My attorney will be including both Maria and her employer in our countersuit which will be filed in Atlanta. I'm sure Maria and her boss can arrange to travel to Atlanta together to explain and show the proof Maria has that I am a convicted felon like she has posted a number of times on Facebook. Should be easy to prove if there is that felony conviction wouldn't you think?

    Now on the other hand if Maria doesn't have PROOF of a felony conviction then we and her boss have a MAJOR problem that can only be resolved with a JURY in Atlanta deciding how damaging these falso allegations are?

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  5. You are a fool... It is your fault your hounds might be in danger. There is no one else to blame but your hateful attacks and diatribe leveled at anyone who may or may not agree with you. You start accusing people before you have verified your evidence and usually end up making an ass out of yourself.