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Is No Kill’s Pro Breeder Position “Pro Kill”

Underhook Kennels 

We've all heard the ad nausea talk coming from the no kill leaders blaming everyone but the breeders for shelter killing.  In my experience lowering intake is a much more prudent and less costly way for communities to end the killing but I have been told my thinking is “old school” or more commonly referred to as PRO KILL.

In an interesting exchange on No Kill Nation’s Facebook page there was this exchange:  (I have left the misspellings and grammar as is – it’s the message I’m sharing)

Kyle x Xxxxxxx “I believe we should have a spay or neuter law. If you are not an approved breeder. You have to fix all your pets. And if you can not afford it they gov will do it for you. No more un wanted babies.”

UnderHook Kennel Kyle, I understand whole heartedly where your coming from, but I dont want to be made to pay for doggy abortions . Its enough that my tax dollors will have to pay for human abortions now taking more for Fido does not help us in the short or long wrong. In my humble opinion If one cant afford a pet an all its expenses one should not own animals, same goes for humans having children. Now in regards to the spay and neuter law and beeing a approved breeder, I believe people have to make that decision for their animals and not the Gov. an beeing a breeder is no easy task. Most people wont have the money , Knowledge or patience to stay the course and become reputable. That in itself will naturally end their cycle. Now if Gov. steps in and says you need licenses degrees, internship .. people wont breed and the few that do wont have enough of a gene pool to breed healthy dogs and thats just the begining of the argument on becoming a licensed breeder.

No Kill Nation Hundreds of communities have mandatory spay/neuter laws. They do not work. They have never created a single No Kill community. In fact, many times they lead to increased impoundments and increased killing. We advocate for what works. Nobody should support a law that does not work and leads to more killing.

So, given an opportunity to educate it’s followers No Kill Nation’s leadership not only fails dismally in correcting this breeders assertion that breeding doesn’t add to pet overpopulation issues but offers misleading or down right inaccurate information on spay neuter laws.  There are NOT hundreds of communities that have enacted a mandatory spay neuter law.

The classic example of communities that have passed “mandatory” spay neuter laws are typically Los Angeles, that failed in its goal when the politicians pulled the funding on targeted spay neuter access.  Without access to affordable spay neuter many pet owners who would have complied with the law and  spay neutered their pets simply couldn’t.

Las Vegas is cited as seeing an increase in shelter intake and kill numbers when it passed a spay neuter law in 2007.  Yet, while MSN was blamed for the increase in pets being surrendered and less pets being adopted the critics of MSN completely ignore the fact that Las Vegas also went through a major housing slump where many of its citizens simply lost their jobs and homes.

Memphis has been cited as a failure as well even though the Memphis law only requires pet owners who have a dog picked up for violating a nuisance law to have that pet altered prior to reclaim.  A similar law is also on the books in Austin Texas.

So, who is this expert on the government’s role in passing responsible spay neuter laws and laws that address unlicensed breeders?  Who is the expert who also spews the same tired rhetoric coming from the No Kill leadership blaming the animal protection community for shelter killing?  Underhook Kennels is a pit bull breeder that Drats wrote about earlier.  Of course that blog was deleted as being defamatory towards No Kill Nation as well.

Shelters across the country kill close to one million pit bulls every year.  Yet, the leadership at No Kill Nation thinks a breeder is justified in breeding more?

Walk into any public shelter and you will find pit bulls under the age of two that have been dumped when families who bought them as puppies realize how unpredictable their temperament really is.  This is the result of irresponsible breeders who train a pit for “sport”.

While Underhook Kennels has pulled down their web site a google search pulls up some disturbing information about their breeding habits.

Puppies up for Adoption.
Henzo an I after his first weight pull venue. Guys Henzo is looking for a new home (Free). He is a 11 month old working pup thats energetic and friendly. He has verbal, leash and weight pull training. To give Henzo a forever home please message me here or call me at 323-7073153. Experienced homes are a plus, thank you

Giving away for free a nearly one year old energetic pit bull is simply irresponsible.

Watch this video of pit bulls raised by Underhook Kennels.- note the phone number for the now defunct Underhook Kennels is the same for a breeder website called

I am not suggesting that Underhook Kennels is doing anything illegal but am suggesting all the warning signs are there.  Yet, No Kill Nation uses his opinions on spay/neuter and his position spewing nonsense about HSUS as if it is credible.  It simply isn’t but then again haven’t we heard that song and dance about inept leadership of a no kill movement hell bent on destroying the animal protection community?

Drats is suggesting that the nuts of no kill exercise poor judgment thus are guilty of killing the hundreds of thousands of pit bulls that wouldn’t die in our shelters if WE simply insisted on laws that prevent irresponsible breeders from bringing them into this world in the first place.  That is PRO KILL.

Notes – To learn more about the pit bull breeding community visit sites like

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  1. LA City's mandatory spay/neuter has not been enforced by Breeder Brenda Barnette. That's the main reason.