Saturday, May 25, 2013

The disgruntled ever shrinking brain of no kill

It seems that the no kill nuts keep referring to just about everything written on this blog as being "lies and defamation" directed towards the "fearless" No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day.

Granted, after a long court battle that started off seeking transparency on money collected by No Kill Nation that morphed into a default judgment and what appeared to be some resolution on the financials of the Everglades Project.  No Kill Nation finally released an accounting on the Everglades Project close to a year later with most people who have followed the case thinking that the drama and nonsense and nonsense would end.

The court ordered "permanent injunction" does prohibit writing any future articles or blogs that referred to No Kill Nation and/or its agents as "scammers" or to insinuate in any mannerism that No Kill Nation was involved in charity fraud. 

While others are free analyze the financial connections surrounding No Kill Nation Drats is not nor will.

That being said there are other issues that demonstrate No Kill Nation's leadership failures that Drats can wrote about.  Those areas include the incompetent leadership coming from a small but vocal group that spends far more time attacking the animal protection community than focusing on building a grass roots movement that reforms our nations shelters.

One would think taking on the responsibility of assisting other shelter reform advocates with reforming their shelter would require a leadership team experienced in bringing about change and a group of skilled advocates capable of focusing in the task at hand - educating others on their own success in shelter reform.

But that hasn't been the case.  Instead No Kill Nation's leader Debi Day has become obsessed with seeking personal retribution directed at this writer.  That retribution includes seeking to have him jailed for refusing to sign an agreement not to comment on No Kill Nation at all.

As in all my writing I take the first amendment very seriously.  As we all reflect on the sacrifices our soldiers have made throughout generations it would be simply callous not to acknowledge that brave men and woman fought and died so that ALL Americans can live in a democracy where different opinions on political issues is a way of life. 

Free speech is part of the first amendment because our forefathers who wrote the constitution that it was that important.

We don't live in a society where the super wealthy can buy the silence of those who are not wealthy enough to defend frivolous law suits in a court system which seems to ignore the fact that these rights are part of our heritage.  In the coming weeks Drats will explore some of the comments posted by No Kill Nation's leader and her minion followers who seem confused over the concept of what libel is or isn't.

These same confused minions keep insisting on proof on the issue this blog addresses so what better proof to offer but words right out of the children of the no kill korn's mouths themselves?

So, who are some of the ardent no kill followers working diligently in lowering our shelter kill numbers?  What are some of the intelligent discussions that the No Kill leader involves herself and her followers in?  Are they discussing problems with implementing the No Kill Equation when they gather behind Debi's blocked Face Book page? 

The above comment seems to have a whole lot of anger and misguided efforts directed at a writer that No Kill Nation's leader claims "no one listens too anyway".  Of course, since followers - "follow" it is not surprising that Allison (who one would think is looking for solutions to her home town high kill shelter in Fulton County Georgia) would be mesmerized by the tenacity of her fearless no kill leader hell bent of vengeance instead of saving lives. 

Most of us who have spent any time at all reading on the issues have by now been subjected to the vile mouth of a comic strip character better known in real life as Maria Venuto.  Lucy has become not only the mouth piece for no kill but a repulsive follower who has tarnished and painted this movement to being more about hatred than saving lives.

It is easy to see with her incredibly shrinking brain that has been pickled from years of alcohol abuse where Debi be confused by the stories on our now dog barking case in Gwinnett.

One thing that I have learned about Debi is she has no patience and becomes frustrated when her money can't buy her the salvation and the adoration she is seeking.  With her efforts to have me jailed taking far too long Debi decided to launch into personal attacks to show that the comments being shared on Drats can't be trusted.

While Debi would like people to think I am a hoarder who is irresponsible to not only my hounds but the community as well the article she references tells an entirely different story.

When faced with a bogus dog barking charge filed by a real estate agent only seeking to make a fast $50,000 flipping the house next door that included a demand that all of the hounds be surrendered at our then high kill shelter I refused.  Instead I waged a long hotly contested battle with the county that resulted in being sentenced to two years probation but being allowed to keep all the hounds. 

Most advocates including the no kill nuts who routinely malign me would have sought cover or even worse caved to a threat of facing twelve years in jail and paying $24,000 in fines for refusing to surrender the hounds I love.  I am NOT like most no kill advocates - instead, I drew that line in the sand and fought for not only my hounds but others who had been intimidated into surrendering their pets as well.

Further, as part of my probation stipulations I was prohibited from writing about the county law office, animal control or the "animal rights" attorney who prosecuted our case. 

I ignored those stipulations and instead launched into a campaign to rewrite our "draconian" dog barking law making sure that no other pet owner would ever be threatened with losing their dog or facing a jail term simply because they were accused of having a barking dog.

In the process of stepping on toes in the county law office and in ultimately succeeding in rewriting our dog barking law I was dragged into court seven times as the county sought to revoke my probation.  I was successful in all but the last court hearing where the judge sentenced me to thirty days in jail for again refusing to consider surrendering one of the hounds.

People inclined to draw their own conclusion on the plus twenty hounds who have shared my home for over twelve years now could simply visit our Facebook page where over 1,500 hundred photos have been shared.  Not many hoarders would go that route but I share the hounds to serve as an example of what wonderful companions shelter dogs can be.

While I prefer sharing stories and pictures of the hounds other find it more important to share stories about their drinking.  Debi Day claims to be a leader yet at age fifty three she still hasn't outgrown the desire to hang out in bars and try and find happiness in the bottom of a martini glass. 

I lead a much simpler, quiet life surrounded by the hounds I love.  Holding up a bar stool and telling complete strangers how famous you are as the leader of a No Kill Nation is simply a lame attempt at validating an otherwise useless existence. 

Debi won't find the solutions to solving the problems of pet overpopulation in Broward County by being a bar fly.  If it makes her feel manly then so be it but she might want to simply grow up and face her demons in a much more productive way then drinking herself into a stupor every night.

There is nothing funny about orchestrating personal attacks on people or issues that Debi is completely ignorant about.  Her actions show an immaturity that prevents her from leading anything let alone a serious movement reforming our nation's animal shelters.

Advocacy isn't child's play.  That alone is the reason why neither Debi nor her "No Kill Nation will ever accomplish anything but be an embarrassment to an advocacy community that deserves the mature knowledgeable leadership needed to forge ahead saving the lives our nation's homeless pets. 

Love Drats

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