Sunday, April 17, 2011

Billy LeFeuvre "It's the rescue community - fool"

"He is the type of person that gives animal welfare advocates and rescue groups a bad reputation, not No Kill Advocates who choose to distance themselves from these people." -   Billie Lefevere

Seems No Kill Nation's, Billy LeFeuvre, the latest mouthpiece on No Kill has some interesting comments on who's responsible for "perpetuating" the myth of pet overpopulation.  According to our latest expert it's not the breeders who have are working hard at recapturing that image problem that is costing them market share - it's the animal welfare advocates who are responsible. 

In a recent post Billy writes:  "Unfortunately, Amelia, animal welfare advocates have been ineffective... at changing the situation at shelters and, in fact, they have even helped to perpetuate the myths of "overpopulation" and "irresponsible public." They are, too often, their own worst enemy."

Billy goes on to write "What successful No Kill groups have shown is that you don't need a consensus or agreement from all interested people. In fact, it is a waste of time, a distraction."

Keep in mind, we're only talking about less then twenty "No Kill Community's" out of a pool of 3,500 public kill shelters across the country.  Billy comes from Ontario so it's easy to see how he can dismiss the "southern reality" of regional "overpopulation" of our public open admission shelters.  He doesn't talk about his success in reforming animal control but instead focuses on spewing his great knowledge on everyone else. 

Billy and his ilk completely ignore the issue that when these same advocates question what doesn't work in implementing the No Kill Equation" they're questions are answered with accusations of being "part of the problem".

In a more confusing comment Lefeuvre writes: "Every No Kill Community has achieved that status despite opposition from rescue groups, national organizations, shelter management, and other naysayers. If they put collaboration and consensus before the welfare of animals, then they would not be where they are today." 

So, now it's the rescue community who is responsible for the killing - not the cult of irresponsible breeders giddy over this shifting of blame? 

Lefeuvre explains his premise with  "Instead, they (the rescue/ineffective advocate community) would still be stroking egos and playing politics, as people agreed on half measures that don't work and haven't worked for the past 50 years.  If you have read Redemption and the other materials I mentioned, you should know that."

There you have it - our latest No Kill expert explains the errors of our ways - had we only just "read the book" history would have been different and thousands of innocent lives that we in rescue killed would still be alive.  Of course, Billy would know that, after all, he's not one of "those" killing apologists from the rescue community.

His final comment explains it all "Collaboration is completely overrated. The only thing that counts is what is true, and what is effective. The train doesn't have to stop for anybody. I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of social justice movements. Perhaps you should read The People's History of the United States."

To think, all these years we've been doing this all wrong.  Thank you Billy for showing us the errors of our ways.

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  1. I'm interested in your views, but you did not refute any of his statements with any detail. Would you please do so? If things had been done properly, wouldn't we be farther along? Thank you for your time.