Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miami Dade Implements new cleaning protocol

Miami Dade Animal Services has released details of it's new cleaning procedure for West Wing.
Cleaning Procedures
We are in the process of updating the official Standard Operating Procedures with regards to sanitation but this memo will serve as a review of how the west wing is now flowing.
Each morning, the kennel staff feeds and moves the west wing dogs to the inside part of the runs and proceeds to clean the outside section.  First, all material such as feces, vomit or toys, are removed.  Then the degreaser/Bio 12 is sprayed on all surfaces (including water buckets) and scrubbed with a scrub brush then rinsed with water and dried with a squeegee.  The bleach, in a separate canister, with the orange plastic piece in the inside tubing that ensures the proper dilution (1:32) is dispensed and sprayed on all surfaces.
At no time should the degreaser and the bleach be mixed or the bleach poured directly on material.  Doing that inactivates the degreaser and the bleach so they  must be used separately.
The respiratory (RED) section dogs should only be moved to the inside part of the runs when the quarantine section dogs (across from RED) are on the outside.  We don’t want to expose the dogs in that section to respiratory infections!
When a dog is removed from a run and leaving, the water bucket should be turned upside down as the universal sign that the kennel staff needs to clean and disinfect the run or cage.  This is very important to ensure that we are decreasing cross contamination as much as possible.
Enforcement Placing Dogs in west wing
Once the north and south east sections of the west wing are full (one dog per run), you may begin using the quarantine section as the 3 sections are currently serving the same purpose.
Lost and Found
When touring pet owners who have lost their pets, please begin at west wing #1.  The cage cards for the RED section are hanging on the gate so if the pet owner does not see their dog, there is no need for them to enter the RED section.  Proceed through the middle of the west wing and show them the other two sections on the north side of the west wing.  If you do have to enter the RED section, take only one family member and wear the booties provided.  Please do not allow people to touch the RED dogs to avoid cross contamination.  As always, when dogs are leaving the RED section, they should exit by the northwest corner to go to euthanasia or the gate by the Annex to leave for adoption or rescue.
Thank you for your attention to these important details that will help us keep our shelter pets healthy!
Dr. Sara Pizano, Director
Miami-Dade Animal Services Department
7401 NW 74 St.
Miami, FL 33166
Phone: (305) 805-5982
Fax: (305) 805-1619

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