Monday, April 18, 2011

You get what to get

Welcome to our latest blog "Drat, the squirrels and nuts are taking over".  This blog is a spin off that combines the writing from my local "We the Pet Owners of Gwinnett" blog that addressed animal welfare issues and my "Trailed by 20 Hounds" which was a portrayal of life living with twenty plus hounds.

Over the years I have shared the experiences of the 1,500,000 miles traveling this great country with my beloved hounds.  While the focus of my stories has always addressed social issues the stars were always the hounds themselves.  I  have shared the laughter their antics have added to my life and I've shared the heartache as they pass.

This morning I awoke to this comment from Steve Phipps: "You think everyone is against you Randy. That's a symptom of your addiction. When are you going to get help. I know some of your friends want you to get help. Why don't you?"

No, Steve, I don't think everyone is against me.  If I thought that I'd run and hide like you.

To clarify that statement, Steve Phipps has never been one of my friends, thus, he has no knowledge of the relationship my friends and I have.  I share my life with my friends on Facebook everyday.  We won't talk about Steve's addiction to guns and the religious right - until later.

Fact is, anyone is welcome to follow the antics of my hounds as well.  I am blessed with being able to spend most of my time in the company of my beloved hounds.  Living with twenty plus hounds for ten years now only has been nothing but joyous - to suggest that I am ungrounded is simply a shallow opinion that Mr Phipps would have no knowledge about.  People, who again are not my friends nor who have ever actually met me, would suggest I'm an idiot or suggest I'm less then intelligent.  You be your own judge - below are the links to issues I've addressed.  You can disagree with any fact or issue I've commented on but to simply attack me only shows the quality of character lacking.  

If you want more information on articles I have written over the last ten years you would have to go through yahoo grooups like Puppymillfighters, stopthesskillingmachine, or a number of others.  Of course, you could also google "by20hounds" and you'll come up with more information on my background.  Quite frankly, I'm not looking for new friends - if that makes you angry, get over it.  I already have the most loyal friend in the world and I get along quite well with him.  That friend is MYSELF.

As for the direction this blog will take - this isn't a short term project.  This blog will  be used to open up discussions on a variety of my OWN interests.  Those interests will reflect my observations from over forty years of advocating on a number of issues not just limited to my work advocating for animals,  It's a blog about life itself from my perspective - if you don't like what I write the easy solution is too not read it.

 Billy L commented that this blog only has three followers.  It does, but I have 300 plus friends who share my comments with their friends and so on.  I'm not as worried about the distribution of my work as apparently Billy is.  They probably should worry.

One last comment, one unnamed person commented on my spelling and grammar skills - my lack of spelling skills, especially on Facebook reflect the fact that there are much more important uses of my time then proofreading my comments - of course spending time with my hounds would be at the top of that list.  I don't get "paid" for my writing - you get what you get and that's all you get.  This is my discussion and I don't need any one's permission to have it.

Have a good day - today I have a date with a few of the hounds.  Can't think of a better way to spend my day

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