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With the brain of a squirrel and the ramblings of a nut

So, you ask - what is this "Drats, the squirrels and nuts" are taking over.  Quite simply, this blog captures the moment of clarity that exposes leaders in our advocacy and the truth behind their rambling.

This week winner of the Rocky and Bullwinkle "Peabody Award" for most outrageous comments coming from someone who should be capable of having an intelligent thought goes to "MICHELLE L = one of the leaders of No Kill Nation.

In a discussion about the leadership at MDAS, concerns were raised about whether changes in leadership at MDAS might end up being worse for those rescue partners and ultimately lead to more killing, not less.  This poorly thought out campaign to remove Dr Pizano wasn't based on any investigation into Dr Pizano's record introducing change at MDAS but entirely on an unfortunate situation that occured at the shelter while she was on vacation.  The statements in support of firing or forcing Dr Pizano resignation offer no evidence that such a change would bring about the cherished end of killing as the cultists suggest.

Here's our Michelle's take on bringing in new management.

Michele writes:
"....... please stop being a naysayer. If you don't like our course of action, then move on.
We will not stop fighting because they may or may not allow pictures or join the police department again. What if they DON'T? Pizano didn't change shit and stop defending them."

Fact check:  So, No Kill Nation isn't concerned whether during an interim period new management might be the police department and it is irrelevant whether they allow pictures to be taken.  Maybe Michelle could explain where in Redemption this trade off would move MDAS in the right direction towards killing less animals?  Fact:  NKN leadership is willing to trade off the fate of any dogs or cats entering the shelter - gambling on their agenda of "regieme change" instead.  This fact isn't shared by the many rescue partners who have worked diligently towards rescuing animals at MDAS under the current shelter administration.

Michelle:  "We are starting to think that you work for Miami-Dade.   Pizano did nothing. All that happened was that FB rescue groups starting saving more dogs because of their ability to network. Pizano had nothing to do with that, because she changed NOTHING--except maybe her salary which probably went up."

Fact check:  I don't work for Miami Dade, nor do I live in South Florida.  MDAS Five Year Report lists among the changes that Dr Pizano has implemented is the "Rescue Partner Program" which has produced sustancially more dogs and cats being moved to rescue then before she became shelter manager.  Fact is there wasn't a workable relationship partnering with the rescue community before she took over.

If Michelle's thought process thinks that I work for MDAS why would anyone assume her thought process that leads to a solution is any more carefully thought out?

Michelle- And actually it was the Mayor (when he was in the police department) who was formerly in charge of MDAS when their million dollar donations went missing and was NEVER investigated.
And even if hypothetically Pizano did have something to do with the numbers dropping, killing 54 animals a day is NEVER acceptable.

Fact check - Everyone agrees that shelter management under the police department was more about the corruption then it was about saving animals at MDAS.  The conditions that pet endured under the old management were horrible.  Everyone agrees, including Dr Pizano that the killing is not acceptable.  The difference is Dr Pizano has presented a plan that will work on lowering intake levels at the shelter, thus far advocates are still waiting for No Kill Nation's ideas and plans.

When can we expect this plan in writing? 

When will the Nathan Winograd clearly address the issues facing MDAs.  It iks a well known fact that all the leaders of the No Kill Movement, including Nathan, Mike Fry and Mitch (shelter director from Reno) were in south Florida last fall yet no oned at No Kill Nation thought it wss important enough to visit what is being dubbed such a horrible shelter?  I guess they were too busy patting each others on the back while sipping their cocktails.

Michelle - They should have been doing everything in their power to get those animals adopted! Instead of firing a whistleblower,who was saving animals, and keeping the CRUEL, SADISTIC HEARTSTICKING KILLER.

Fact Check - The shelter is doing everything in their power to get these animals adopted or out to rescue.  Unfortunately, there is not enough support from the community to furfill that goal.  As much as we talk about the cats who were killed in this incident the fact remains had a rescue group pulled those cats they would still be alive today.  Does it really matter how they die or should the focus be shifted toi what need to be done to move more 20,000 more dogs and cats back into an rescue and pet community that is woeingly inadequate to handle those numbers? 

Miami Dade is not alone with a huge shelter killing problem.  Fact is, there are anogther 58,000 dogs and cats being killed in nearby Broward and West Palm County as well. 

How does Miami dade compete when the shelter at MDAS is so horribly old?  With solid management that works towards solutions rather then fixating on what's wrong.

Michelle - You have no knowledge of the REAL issues of MDAS nor of the No Kill movement, so please stop diffusing our message.

Fact Check - This writer has been working on shelter issues related to MDAS since 2002.  This would suggest my background on MDAS goes back to days when Ms Lazaoroe was still in high school learning to walk and talk.  As for my involvement in Miami Dade I am the founder for a group called the Miami Dade Rescue Railroad which has worked WITH both the old police department regieme and the new administration under Dr Pizano. 

My knowledge of "No Kill" includes ten years "in the trenches" of the shelter reform movement.  My contributions include formation of local citizen coalitions including We the Pet Owners of Gwinnett", a political action group focused on raising awareneess on pet issues in our community in 2008, No Kill Gwinnett - a coalition that has worked on reforming our local shelter, formed in the summer of 2010 and a group called Southern Style Shelter Reform which consisted of a group of advocates working on shelter reform in Georgia (2007). 

My advocacy work and resume on shelter reform speaks for itself.  What about the rest of the No Kill Nation team- what is their contribution? 

Perhaps, Michelle, Amy R or Debi Day for that matter would care to share THEIR resume on shelter reform or were they have worked effectively in any group setting?  How about George Moris - what shelters has he reformed?  Just because your able to create an organization that exists only in cyber-world doesn't tranlate into having any shelter reform experience.

Michelle - It is not just AMY who is fighting this. She has THOUSANDS of angry residents and rescuers behind her.  You are misinformed and you are trying to diffuse our message. Please move on."

Fact check:  It's irrelevant how many people are angry about MDAS.  What' important is how many are willing to put aside their anger in working WITH the shelter to find solutions.  Anger, name calling and telling advocates who offer a different perspective won't find you those solutions, although as Michelle admits - these angry exchanges very well could lead to far more killing.  None of us have the right to suggest the animals who end up as "collaterol damage" during this battle are expendable, especially when reconcilliation offers a much safer future. 

You might say I have moved on - I'm no longer wasting time communication with those entrenched in ignorant choices and have instead created THIS BLOG "Drats, the Squirrels and Nuts have taken over.

So, Michelle - take a bow - you are our winner of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Peabody Award for hard work working to spread ignorance.

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  1. I'm so disappointed in the lot of you.
    You are all as pathetic as each other.
    This is about stopping cruelty to animals.
    It's not about you or you or even you.
    Get off your bloody computers and get out there and show me that you care about them.
    At the moment all I can see is a lot of supposedly intelligent caring people attempting to convince me that their organisation is the only one that really cares about the human cruelty being inflicted on helpless animals.
    After spending/wasting the past 24 hours reading all of this crap, I'm now convinced that every single one of you are in it for this reason alone - financial gain.
    Honest caring compassionate people who genuinely care for the welfare of animals don't have time to hang around on the Internet for hours a day trashing other organisations.
    If you are all as dedicated to the welfare of animals as you make out you are, then why are you sitting here reading this shit I'm writing.
    While you're here wasting time spreading doubt and distrust at other rescue organisations more animals are dying.
    How about you all go and do what you all say you do best.
    Then and only then can I or any other animal lover make an informed decision on who is really the genuine animal lover who's only motivation in rescuing these animals is love.
    Actions speak louder than words, so get out there and practice what you preach.
    None of you should even have any spare time to even know what the other organisations are up to if you're out saving animals.
    Grrrrr . . . . you all make me so angry . . .
    It's about the animals NOT any one of you.
    SO . . . Get the F'k off your gigantic egos and actually go and do what you are all saying you do best.